Rana Atef

Police seize ancient Egyptian, Greek artifacts in Upper Egypt

Thu, Jan. 18, 2018

Egyptian police in Upper Egypt managed to seize a number of ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek artifacts

Top facts about man who unified Egypt

Thu, Jan. 18, 2018

Egypt Today presents top facts about the man who unified Egypt's north and south: King Menes – the founder of the 1st dynasty

Love and Marriage in ancient Mesopotamia

Tue, Jan. 16, 2018

Egypt Today sheds light on love and marriage in Ancient Iraqi (Mesopotamia) society

Hetepheres I: King Sneferu’s wife and King Khufu’s mother

Mon, Jan. 15, 2018

Egypt Today continues its Ancient Egyptian queens series, discussing the biography of King Sneferu’s wife and King Khufu’s mother, Queen Hetepheres I.

Bassam el-Shamaa' refutes Israeli claims concerning Jerusalem

Sat, Jan. 13, 2018

Prominent historian and author Bassam el-Shamaa' analyses the history of Jerusalem to refute the Israeli state’s current claims.

Know more about King Djedkare Isesi

Thu, Jan. 11, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron stressed to Donald Trump in a telephone call on Thursday the importance of abiding by a nuclear deal with Iran.

Top Ancient Egyptian social codes I

Thu, Jan. 11, 2018

The Ancient Egyptians perfectly set a number of rules and principles through their social stratum, to instill civility and peace in the community

2 major archaeological discoveries unveiled in Aswan

Thu, Jan. 11, 2018

Ministry of Antiquities announced two massive archaeological discoveries in Aswan