New law on private gov't funds, accounts put into force

Fri, Jun. 23, 2017
Minister of Finance- Amr el-Garhy- File photo

A law that allows the government to integrate private government pension funds into the state budget has been put into force.

Karim Abd El Aziz gives a fabulous performance in the spy hit

Sat, Jun. 24, 2017

This Ramadan El-Zebaq serves as the General Intelligence Directorate (GID) offering, with well-loved actor Karim Abdel Aziz playing Egyptian agent Omar Salah.

Johnny Depp apologizes for Trump assassination joke

Fri, Jun. 23, 2017

Actor Johnny Depp on Friday apologized for joking about assassinating U.S. President Donald Trump, saying his remarks were in "poor taste."

Israeli-Palestinian movie ‘Rock Pile’

Fri, Jun. 23, 2017

Hugh Bonneville starring an Israeli-Palestinian upcoming movie set in Jerusalem that follows Time Correspondent Bob Hastings .

Ramadan Around the Clock: Kamel Hassan, Tailor

Fri, Jun. 23, 2017

Kamel Hassan is one of about 40 tailors and dressmakers who gather around a big table to break their fast day every day outside their shops at Maadi Grand Mall.

Ramadan Around the Clock: Hoda Zakaria, Reporter

Thu, Jun. 22, 2017

This year Hoda Zakaria will be experiencing Ramadan .

Faces of Ramadan

Tue, Jun. 20, 2017

From the mesaharaty to our favorite qatayef seller who seems to only come to life during Ramadan, we celebrate the very Ramadan-peculiar professions.