Art compilers spreads Egyptian heritage across world

Sun, Jul. 23, 2017

Art compilers team has translated songs from Egyptian heritage such as folk, religious and classic songs.

Shows competing on 11th day of 10th Egyptian National Theatre Festival

Sun, Jul. 23, 2017

The plays ‘the Rome,’ ‘I,’ ‘Who built Egypt,’ ‘Sea is smiling at me,’ ‘Loss’ and ‘The Forty rules of love’ participate on day 11 of the Theatre Festival.

Queens of Ancient Egypt

Sun, Jul. 23, 2017

A look at several ancient Egyptian Queens who managed to hold their own despite the male dominance of the Pharaohs.

A road trip to help assure the safety of Sinai

Sun, Jul. 23, 2017

Two young Egyptian men saw it fit to help promote tourism in their country by showing the world how safe Egypt is through a bicycle ride through Sinai.

Seashell: The Beach Essential

Sun, Jul. 23, 2017

With a towel that turns into bag or a pillow, Seashell is a practical summer essential.

Sahara: The Cotton Queens

Sat, Jul. 22, 2017

Known for the softest of cottons and a mix of bohemian and Egyptian designs, The Sahara Collection has become a staple for summer wear.

Yasmine Seoud: The Jazzy Shades

Thu, Jul. 20, 2017

This sunglasses designer offers funky, trendy and premium quality at affordable prices .