Over LE 20B in subsidy for Takaful and Karama program: Minister

Wed, Jun. 20, 2018
File - Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Wali

The minister said Takaful and Karama program covered 5.4 million families where subsidy to the program hit over LE 20 billion in four years.

Photopia to host talk with 'Yomeddine’s' director

Wed, Jun. 20, 2018

Photopia, a hub for Egypt’s photographers, will host a talk with the director of the Cannes-nominated film “Yomeddine”, Abu Bakr Shawky, on June 27.

Sun sets from Karnak Temple’s western gate on June 21

Wed, Jun. 20, 2018

The sun will set from the western gate of the Karnak Temple on June 21, which marks the rare astronomical phenomenon of summer solstice.

Nigeria sees a rush to get Nollywood online

Wed, Jun. 20, 2018

A glamour blogger, a filmmaker and a tech mogul are competing to create a homegrown African rival to Netflix.

Video: A village where people 'love' to sit on crocodiles

Wed, Jun. 20, 2018

Crocodiles may be one of the deadliest hunters, but in a village in Burkina Faso it is not unusual to see someone sitting atop one of the fearsome reptiles.

The Art of Confidence

Mon, Jun. 18, 2018

For leading plastic surgeon Karim Rafla, going under the knife should be all about becoming the most beautiful version of ourselves and feeling confident, rather than attempting to look different.

The Longstanding Egypt-Russia Cultural Connection

Sun, Jun. 17, 2018

From cinema to music, theater and literature, Egyptian culture takes much from the Russian tradition.

Finding their way to Umm El-Dunya

Sat, Jun. 16, 2018

We speak to longtime Russian residents in the capital and on the coastline about why they chose to stay put when other expats left.