Young Sidonians express themselves through theatre

Sat, Jul. 29, 2017

A theatre stage in Sidon, Lebanon helps Lebanese teens express their creativity and act out inner anguish.

Omani “Despacito” cover tackles marriage burdens

Sat, Jul. 29, 2017

The Arab cover of “Despacito” laments on how expensive it is for Omani couples to get married.

“Dunkirk” accused of ignoring India's involvement

Sat, Jul. 29, 2017

Despite the film's critical acclaim, WWII war drama “Dunkirk” has received criticism over ignoring the role Indian soldiers played during the historical war.

Awesome adventures: an accessible Antarctic adventure

Sat, Jul. 29, 2017

Antarctica may look spectacular, but surely a disability would stop someone from going there, right? Well that’s not necessarily true.

Talking to Kids about Terrorism

Wed, Jul. 26, 2017

With frequent terrorist attacks taking place worldwide, psychologist Georgette Savvides advises parents on how to handle children’s endless questions on killing in the name of religion.

Pool Time!

Tue, Jul. 25, 2017

Where to go to make the best of a summer in the city and stay nice and cool.

Glitz and Glam: Bahig Hussein

Mon, Jul. 24, 2017

Fashion designer to the stars Bahig Hussein talks about glamour, his tips for a summer bride and the latest awards he’s launching to help young fashion designers.