Egypt imports of nuts worth LE 887M in 2016: CAPMAS

Mon, May. 29, 2017
Nuts Creative Commons Via Wikimedia

The report of (CAPMAS) on Egypt’s imports and exports during 2016 revealed Egypt’s import of nuts, coconut and cashews with total value of L.E. 887 million

Youssef El Sherif’s “Kafr Delhab” tops YouTube views

Tue, May. 30, 2017

Youssef El Sherif’s Kafr Delhab (Delhab village) soap opera screening on (ON channels),shows an early success on social media.

Flight attendants denounce misrepresentation in Ramadan series

Mon, May. 29, 2017

The first wave of criticism hitting Ramadan series this year sparked from the community of Egyptian flight attendants.

‘Gharabeb Soud’ the reality of life with Daesh

Mon, May. 29, 2017

Gharabeb Soud’ is a new Ramadan drama series that focuses on life under Islamic State terrorist group.

‘Cairo Pass’ to be launched for tourists to visit sites in Cairo

Mon, May. 29, 2017

“Cairo Pass”, designed for foreigners to visit archaeological and Islamic heritage sites and museums in Cairo over a five-day period, will be available in November.

OPINION: Learning to Appreciate Ramadan

Mon, May. 29, 2017

As a child growing up in the United Kingdom, I never got to play with a Ramadan fanous.

Ramadan Gift Ideas

Mon, May. 29, 2017

Every year eye-catching new Ramadan decoration items and accessories hit the market—here are three of our picks.

Inside the World of a Sculptor

Sun, May. 28, 2017

Nathan Doss fights to keep the art of sculpture alive in Egypt.