Deana Shaaban’s wedding dresses photo by Egypt Today Deana Shaaban’s wedding dresses photo by Egypt Today

Light As Air

Thu, Nov. 23, 2017
Deana Shaaban’s wedding dresses are born of the idea that both woman and dress, together, are one.

That the woman is in command of her dress; the dress does not wear her. The wedding gown collection is composed of soft fabrics, that are light and airy to mimic the softness and delicate nature of a woman, yet bold enough to show the unlimited strength that lies within her.

Each dress is composed of several different fabrics, meshed, molded and hand-stitched together to portray the different personalities of every woman wearing the wedding dresses.

When searching for a wedding dress, one finds great difficulty in finding a piece that speaks entirely to who we are and portrays our personalities through a culmination of different fabrics. Silk, organza, lace and satin have all come together in these DS wedding gowns to have pieces that are born of the different personalities of a woman.
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