Omar Khayrat by Ibrahim Ezzat Omar Khayrat by Ibrahim Ezzat

Omar Khayrat performs in Bibliotheca Alexandria Festival

Sat, Aug. 12, 2017
ALEXANDRIA -12 August 2017: Internationally recognized music composer Omar Khayrat performed during the 15th Annual International Summer Festival, a massive music and arts festival organized by the Bibliotheca Alexandria Arts Center, for two events last Monday and Tuesday.

The events were attended by at least 2,700 people each day, and Khayrat performed his compilation of miraculous tracks, which put everyone in a magical trance.

“Omar Khayrat has his own style and tracks that lived for decades, and when he misses one track in the performance, the audience starts asking about it.

Young musicians Foaud and Monib are the two musicians walking the same track of Omar Khayrat, although a bit different by having the western style in their music.

Omar Khayrat by BothainaShalaan

NesmaAbdelaziz by BothainaShalaan

They are supposed to be performing on August 17 in the Bibliotheca Alexandria in the summer festival,” Ahmed Abdel Moneim, admin of the official fan page of Omar Khayrat, told Egypt Today.

As usual, Khayrat’s events are all populated with societies of art and music lovers, who always await his presence and secure their places for his events months in advance.

OmarKhayrat by Ibrahim Ezzat

Omar Khayrat by Ibrahim Ezzat
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