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Pablo Escobar is inventor of Fantasy Football

Mon, Dec. 18, 2017
CAIRO – 18 December 2017: Pablo Escobar, one of the greatest drug sellers in history, was fond of football. “Pablo always loved soccer; His first shoes were football boots. And he died in football boots,” according to his sister, Luz Maria in ESPN documentary 'The Two Escobars' (however, Escobar died barefoot.)

Escobar invested his money in football and these investments were a new way to launder money of course. Even the stadiums he built for the poor in Medellín, he knew how to benefit from it and its pioneers, but the fact was that the man was so fond of football that he was listening to matches on the radio, while he was chased by security services and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Escobar’s passion for the football led him to invent a game that most football followers are currently using in a more sophisticated way - virtual football or 'Fantasy Football.'

The game spread between Escobar's men in the form of bets after he began with Jose Gacha ' El Mexicano ,' that Escobar suggested that each one to choose his own dream team of the Colombian league players. For example, Escobar would choose 11 players from all league clubs as well as Gacha and the team that won in real life would be the winning team in the game.

The game developed after Escobar and his men became so addicted that he picked up the players of his team and Gacha’s team to play a real match at Pablo Escobar's own pitches, according to Off The Ball website.

So the game that most football fans play in the world every week can be the evolution of the game invented by the drug lord, Pablo Escobar himself.
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