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Samy ranks 25 in FINA World Swimming Championships

Sun, Jul. 30, 2017
CAIRO – 30 July 2017: Egyptian National team’s swimmer Mohamed Samy ranked 25th in the 50 meters race on July 29 in the 2017 FINA World Swimming Championships that is held in Budapest, Hungry.

Samy finished in the 25th position after completing the race in 25 seconds and 55 part of a second. The Egyptian swimmer previously came in the 32nd position in the overall position for the 100 meters freestyle race after finishing it in 49 seconds and 42 part of a second.

On a similar note, Egypt’s national team swimmer Farida Osman managed to gain Egypt’s first World Cup medal in the tournament after finishing third in the 50 meters butterfly race.
The Egyptian National Swim Team is represented in the tournament by Farida Othman, Marwan el-Kamash, Youssef el-Kamash, Ahmed Akram, Hania Mouro, Omar Eissa, Mohamed Khaled, Mohamed Samy and Ahmed Hamdy.
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