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National Council of Women holds awareness meetings

Mon, Jun. 12, 2017
CAIRO – 12 June 2017: The National Council for Women held a series of awareness meetings for women under the title the Woman is Alexandria’s Light on June 9. The meetings are part of the council’s 2017 initiative in Alexandria called ishraqa, which is aimed at developing the population characteristics of the residents of the city of Bashayer Al-Khair in Gheit Al-Anab.

Magda al-Shazly, the head of the council’s branch in Gheit Al-Anab, and a group of female members of the branch in the Humanitarian Center for People with Special Abilities of the city were present at the meetings.

A seminar, titled Reproductive Health and Family Planning was held that day with the attendance of 100 women. According to a statement by the council the seminar focused on the importance of healthy nutrition for pregnant mothers and stressed the importance of family planning in order to reduce the burdens of life.

Another seminar was also held, which was titled Sound Education for Young People. It was attended by 80 women and stressed the principles of sound education and the need to avoid corporal punishment of children, in order to develop positive behavior. Also, the seminar emphasized the importance of equality in education among children, where teachers should equate the roles of mothers and father in terms of respect and affection.

Moreover, Shazly pointed out that there has been talks of cooperation with the officials of Al-Bashayer city in order to facilitate the implementation of the initiative's goals and to achieve the desired results by presenting the branch’s plan and initiative.

Theoretically, the activities include programs about communication skills, negotiation, thinking, healthy nutrition, home management, family relations, child education and practical programs that teach skills such as sowing, baking and cooking.

She also shed light on the fact that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology coordinated with the Ministry of Health and the Alexandria Water Company in order to organize weekly mobile community convoys within the city, including awareness on reproductive health, family planning and infectious diseases.

The Alexandria Water Company will also provide awareness campaigns on the sound use of water and proper water consumption for different age groups. Lastly, an information technology unit will also be established in the city.
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