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AXA Egypt awarded the Top Employers Egypt certification

Wed, Feb. 20, 2019
Multinational insurer ‘AXA Egypt’ has been announced as the only insurance company receiving the Top Employer title for 2019. In their analysis of AXA, the global Certification Programme examined 10 main areas including: talent strategy, workforce planning, talent acquisition, on-boarding, learning and development, performance management, leadership development, career and succession management, compensation and benefits, and culture.

Ayman Kandeel, CEO of AXA Egypt, explained in a press release that the company’s selection as a Top Employer further validates its successful dedication to create a positive working environment that enables employees to grow through applying progressive HR practices. AXA Egypt aims to inspire other companies to follow the same path of maintaining the overall harmony of the workplace as well as authenticity around the wellbeing of each individual employee. “Our goal as AXA Egypt is to always empower our employees, sustaining their development journey, personally and professionally, through our people-first strategies, to maintain a positive healthy work environment. We’re extremely proud to be announced as a Top Employer in 2019,” according to Kandeel.

Since its arrival to Egypt three years ago, AXA Egypt has demonstrated through its Global Policy that creating career development opportunities, allowing employees to make operational decisions and recognizing their outstanding contributions are all vital characteristics for growth and for employees to feel a sense of belonging to the company’s vision and mission. The company has been also focusing on creating equitable benefits to all employees while recognizing the roles of both parents in child care. Therefore, it encourages fathers to play a prominent role in the care of their children and offers them four calendar weeks of paid paternity leave, alongside the 16 calendar weeks of paid maternity leave new mothers are entitled to.

AXA also strives to have a work environment that focuses on diversity and inclusion. With gender equality being an essential element of an inclusive, innovative workplace, AXA currently has a 50/50 gender equality between employees.

As part of the company’s long-term career development vision and its strive to develop its employees, AXA Egypt has established an online learning platform ‘Learning @AXA’ which provides staff members with access to more than 2000 courses across the fields of innovation, HR, marketing, finance, data science, leadership and more.

The global Certification Programme has recognized more than 1300 Top Employers in more than 115 countries/regions across five continents. It helps guide candidates towards employers who will have their best interest at heart and will seek to form a partnership with their employees that is mutually beneficial.

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