Photo Via Revlon’s official Instagram account Photo Via Revlon’s official Instagram account

Revlon recruits to reinforce inclusivity

Wed, Jan. 31, 2018
CAIRO - 31 January 2018: Recently, Revlon launched a huge campaign titled “Live Boldly”, which specifically focused on diversity and inclusivity. The campaign offered a positive platform on which women encouraged others to live on their own terms with their own rules and to never stop pursuing their dreams.

In order to pull off such a moving cause, Revlon had to call in major names of different races, sizes and ages to act as global ambassadors. As a result, the influential Gal Gadot, Ashley Graham, Adwoa Aboah, Imaan Hammam and Raquel Zimmermann all joined Revlon's family and starred along with two other models in their new Live Boldly campaign.

Each of the symbolic ambassadors gave a small commentary on what Live Boldly really means to them and how it affects them personally. Gal Gadot, being the first, mentioned that it is to live confidently and positively with your dreams always in mind. She was then followed by Ashley Graham, an author and model, who stated that Live Boldly is her life's "mantra" and her daily dose of self-empowerment.

Adwoa Aboah, an activist and model, proceeded to state how Live Boldly is just about being true to oneself and being authentic. Model Imaan Hammam subsequently explained the Live Boldly is about empowering young girls and women. Finally, Raquel, who is also a model, added that to Live Boldly is to "push through and believe in yourself and in your dreams."

Although other campaigns are facing a great deal of turmoil and hardship, such as L'Oreal's recent incident with model Amena Khan. This campaign and many more are tremendously pushing the fashion and makeup industry to a place where it can hopefully be a more united and comprehensive platform for all of us.

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