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Tips to handle headache

Wed, Sep. 27, 2017
CAIRO – 27 September 2017: They are usually annoying but sometimes they are worse, distracting and painful; headaches are horrible itches that you cannot scratch. That is why et brought you a few tips on how to reduce and treat your headaches problem.

Massaging: try massaging the sides of your forehead gently and regularly as it may help reduce your migraines. According to a small study done by the NCBI, getting neck, head and shoulders massages reduced the frequency of the subjects' migraines and helped them sleep better.

Heat it up: try putting a warm piece of cloth around your neck, according to Everyday Health's website, it could ease the tension in your neck which causes headaches.

Cool it down: according to

, if heat does not work, applying ice to the temple to lower the temperature of blood passing through the arteries in that area relieves some of the pressure causing migraines. The website adds that this trick is risk free for everyone, including pregnant women.

Eat and drink healthier: rationalizing the use of caffeine, staying off cigarettes and having a stable eating routine (paying great attention to breakfast) can have a great effect in reducing your headaches, according to Everyday Health.

Turn off the noise: dim the lights a bit, try to get away from any electronic devices and maybe put on some nice music that you feel relaxes you. Breathe slowly and let your ideas drift away, maybe some tranquility is all you need.
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