Sameh Hussein (R) and Ahmed Baseem (L) holding 'Al Dour AlaMeen" poster Sameh Hussein (R) and Ahmed Baseem (L) holding 'Al Dour AlaMeen" poster

Sameh Hussein introduces Arabic adaptation of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'

Thu, Dec. 13, 2018
CAIRO - 13 December 2018: "Al-Dour Ala Meen" (translated in English as Whose Turn?), an Arabic version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" will be launched in Egypt starting Saturday (Dec. 15). Egypt is reportedly the 12th country to broadcast the format.

Comedian actor Sameh Hussein, 43, will introduce the program, which is an adaptation of Britain's most watched programs, on TeN TV starting Saturday at 10 pm, along with a number of young actors who have acted in several films and Drama series.

The actors include Mohamed Youssef, Marwa al-Sabahi, Ahmed Baseem, Ahmed Bela, Sherif Hosni and Walid Abdel Ghany. The program is directed by Bassel Mubarak, who previously directed SNL in Arabic.

The improvisational comedy program is based on games who are played by the actors in a sudden and illogic way after Sameh Hussein ask the actors to play them on the spot. The four actors in the game create characters, scenes and songs in a spontaneous manner.

In a press conference on Thursday, Sameh Hussein said he was encouraged to join the program because it resembles the theatre, adding that he has presented 150 plays so far. He said that the program represents a right form of comedy that does not include mocking people or hurting individuals’ feelings.

Hussein affirmed that the program is improvisational, unlike plays that are fully scripted.

Nash'at al-Deehi, Executive Director of Ten TV said he had failed to find a comedy program that can make people launch without being inappropriate to the Egyptian culture, adding that he believes Al-Dour AlaMeen has achieved the right balance. He also affirmed that TeN TV does not care about competition, adding that it only cares about introducing a good content.

Ahmed Fahmi, managing director of Global Productions that produces the Arabic adaptation, said he has admired the original program that started in Britain in 1988 for many years, adding that he has passed ten years with Hat Trick International, the owner of the trade name.

Amr Abdel Hamid, general manager of TeN TV said that art is one of the tools of soft power, adding that the program will allow young talented actors to express this soft power. Al-Dour AlaMeen was accepted once it was presented to the channel, although the capabilities of TeN TV is not as much as many other channels, Abdel Hamid continued.
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