Minster of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem, 7 Aug. 18 , cc via: Youm7/File Minster of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem, 7 Aug. 18 , cc via: Youm7/File

El-Shams Theatre for Special Needs to participate in Int. Forum for Peace Nights in Morocco

Thu, Sep. 6, 2018
CAIRO – 6 September 2018: El-Shams Theatre Inclusive Troupe for Special Needswill participate, upon the approval of the Minister of Culture, Inas Abdel Dayem, in the International Forum for Peace Nights, set to be held from Sept. 6 to 9 in Morocco.

The troupe will present “Anteeka” show on Sunday, Sept. 9, at Taza city, Morocco.
In this regard, the Director of El Shams Ensemble, Wafaa el-Hakim, expressed her pleasure for the participation of “Anteeka” show, presented by artists with special needs, for the first time in the international event, in which many countries including Morocco, Senegal, France, Congo, and Ivory Coast participate.

El-Hakim added that this move is vital to integrate shows presented by artists with special needs with professional shows, which the ensemble aims to achieve.

“Anteeka” is the first show, produced by El Shams Ensemble and inaugurated in May 2018, to integrate people with special needs with other artists and professionally train them on theater arts.

Through the initiative of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to declare 2018 as the year of those challenged with a disability, numerous efforts and decisions have been taken to assure them proper living conditions, but indeed more efforts need to be exerted.

Disabilities in Egypt include visual, hearing, and mobility impairment, as well as mental disability.

Sisi issued law no. 10 for year 2018 on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on Feb. 20, after being approved by the Parliament.

The new law offers many commitments by the government to persons with disabilities following the implementation of the new law including non-discrimination due to disability, or gender of the person with disabilities. The law also ensures real equality for people with special needs, and their fundamental freedom in all fields.
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