The Egyptian Museum - Taken from Egypt Today Archive. The Egyptian Museum - Taken from Egypt Today Archive.

Egyptian Museum to host exhibition by photographer Marc Erwin Babej

Fri, Aug. 31, 2018
CAIRO – 31 August 2018: The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir will host a 30-day exhibition by American-German photographer Marc Erwin Babej in cooperation with Hildesheim Museum in Germany, from Sept. 2 to Oct. 2.

Head of the Museums Sector at the Ministry of Antiquities, Elham Salah, pointed out that the exhibition entitled, “Between Yesterday and Tomorrow, Art from a Realistic Perspective”, includes paintings through which the artist revives the complex visual language of ancient Egyptian art and evolves it in contemporary photorealistic media.

Salah referred that Babej develops the characteristics of Egyptian art through realism and simultaneous representation of the human body from multiple perspectives.

She further remarked that this new style of art, called by Babej “virtual realism”, is based on overlapping images, words and symbols to paint a full picture of the rebirth of Egyptian iconography.

In the same context, Sabah Abdel-Razek, Director General of the Egyptian Museum, said that the paintings were made by a 50-expert international team, including 13 Egyptologists from different institutions, under the supervision of Babej. This exhibition was held before in Bibliotheca Alexandria, the United States, and Hildesheim Museum in Germany.

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