Minster of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem, 7 Aug. 18 , cc via: Youm7/File Minster of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem, 7 Aug. 18 , cc via: Youm7/File

Mohammed Abdel Wahab Theater to be inaugurated after Eid al-Adha

Wed, Aug. 22, 2018
CAIRO – 22 August 2018: The Ministry of Culture will inaugurate Mohammed Abdel Wahab Theater in Alexandria after Eid al-Adha, following years of renovations, Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem announced on Tuesday.

Abdel Dayem said that Mohammed Abdel Wahab Theater is an important cultural hub in Egypt and its inaugurations reflects Egypt’s concern to raise cultural awareness among citizens.

Under the renovation, the theatre has been transformed into closed halls in addition to the establishment of a training room, a library and a cinema hall.

In this regard,Head of the art house for folk and performing arts Adel Abdo inspected on Aug. 14 the theatre to prepare for its inauguration.

“Farhana” Operetta, which is the largest comedy show presented by Reda Troupe, will be performed during the opening ceremony.

Mahmoud Reda is the founder of the Reda Troupe, a pioneering group in Egyptian folk-dance which gave its first performance in 1959. The group’s famous songs are “Halawet Shamsena” (The Beauty of our Sun), “Yawlad Baladna” (Children of our Country), “Agaban Leghazal” (O Thou Gazelle), and “Luxor “Baladna (Luxor is our Home) among many others.
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