Majid al Magid- screenshot  from a video footage Majid al Magid- screenshot from a video footage

Saudi Arabia bids artist Majid el-Majid farewell

Thu, Aug. 9, 2018
CAIRO - 9 August 2018: Two days after his death in a hospital in Riyadh city, artist Majid El-Majid family arranged his funeral Tuesday in Riyadh city.

Majid El-Majid, 51, was transferred to the hospital last week in a critical condition after being shot in the head. He died on Sunday night few days later.

Authorities have carried out investigations to disclose the circumstances of the accident.

In an interview with Sayidaty, Khaled el-Majid, the victim’s cousin, said that the famous artist was killed by mistake, and that he is waiting for authorities to complete investigation in order for further details about the incident to be revealed.

Majid left a legacy of personal history that had begun in the 80s. He created 14 albums including “Ya Hajiri” (Oh, My Abandoner), and “Al-Tofan” (The Flood). He also worked as a composer for other singers like Khaled Abdel Rahman and others.
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