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Jewish graveyards registered in Islamic and Coptic monuments

Fri, May. 19, 2017
CAIRO – 19 May 2017: The Committee of Islamic and Coptic Archeology agreed in its last session to register the Jewish graveyards in Alexandria for the first time, within the Islamic and Coptic monuments’ list, stated Mustafa Amin Secretary General of the Antiquities Council to Egypt Today on Friday.

The decision came due to the importance of these graveyards which were built in the finest neighborhoods of Alexandria and serve as a representation of the peaceful coexistence that Jews enjoyed while they were living in Alexandria.

Amin added that these graveyards were constructed in modern Renaissance style with an artistic manner.

He added that the Gemayzeh which is a collection of documents that tell the history of the Jews in the communities in which they lived are buried inside these graveyards. These documents are collected after a period of time from inside the graves, in order to preserve them.
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