Egyptian Singers in the Mondale 8 June 2018-Al Masry Al Youm, Reham Gouda. Egyptian Singers in the Mondale 8 June 2018-Al Masry Al Youm, Reham Gouda.

Raising the roof: Egyptian singers in Russia

Mon, Jun. 11, 2018
CAIRO - 11 June 2018: The Egyptian fans' anticipation for the Egyptian national team's participation in Russia’s World Cup grows higher every day. People all around Egypt are excited to watch the matches as well as the ceremony and celebrations.

Famous Egyptian singers like Amr Diab and Mohammed Hamaki are getting prepared to join the Pharaos in their Journey to Russia. Diab was the first one to announce his plans to hold a concert for the Egyptian national team in Russia on June 18 right before their match with the Russian team on June 19.

On the same day of Diab’s performance, Singer Mohammed Hamaki is going to have his own concert under the name of (A2 Green Concert) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Hamaki also confirmed that the concert is held to motivate the loyal Egyptian fans who are excitedly waiting for the match and to boost the Egyptian team's morale.

With over 5,000 Egyptian supporters travelling to Russia, Hamaki also said that one quarter of the profits of this concert will be dedicated to promoting tourism in Egypt and to the "Tour and Cure" program for curing Virus C in Egypt.

Various songs were produced to support the national team ahead of the World Cup, including "Negaded Helmena" (Renewing Our Dream) by Zap Tharwat, Mahmoud el Eissely and Ahmed Shiba, and "Regalet Baladna" (The Men of Our Country)by Hamada Helal in which he showed his love and support for the Egyptian team.

Also, producer and songwriter Ashraf Bazeed announced that a group of youth singers will present a song in Arabic and English; the song will also be aired on all satellite channels in sign language for deaf-mute people for the very first time in Egypt!

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