The event’s official invitation on Facebook. The event’s official invitation on Facebook.

Exhibition in Cairo to offer one reality, two imaginations

Tue, Feb. 13, 2018
CAIRO – 13 February 2018: The Arts-Mart Gallery will exhibit artwork under the title “For two Egyptian artists: Mohamed Abou Elwafa and Mohamed El Damarawy” from February 23 until March 16.

The exhibition will show how both artists are inspired by the Egyptian reality, which is reflected in their artwork. Their works uniquely portray everyday social life in Egypt, each taking the role of the observers.

Mohamed Abou Elwafa is an abstract artist and his works have featured in numerous exhibitions, including the Youth Salon in 2010, the third Burullous Symposium in 2016 and the Youth of Atelier in 2015. His artistic vision is based on merging between hot and cold tones through abstraction.

Mohamed El Damarawy is a rising Egyptian artist whose art is based on presenting many traditional ideas through his own colorful fusion, which has a unique character. He is passionate about delivering the magnificence of Egyptian history through art.

Both artists started their careers with Arts-Mart Gallery as “Artists of Tomorrow” and they have been favored by collectors ever since, according to the official event’s description.
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