Arabic music Troup. Courtesy of Cairo Opera Media release  Arabic music Troup. Courtesy of Cairo Opera Media release

Cairo Opera House announces plans for a busy 2018

Sun, Dec. 31, 2017
CAIRO – 30 December 2017: Cairo Opera House gears up for multi-disciplinary performances, including new music recitals, ballet repertoire, and orchestral concerts in 2018, according to a statement released by the Cairo Opera House Media office.

As for the new performers in 2018, Modern theater Dance Band will be performing “Death Citadel”, “New Production” and “Ikarious Falling”, among others. While the folkloric eastern theatrical band will be performing “Sahgaret El Dor”, “ Al-Zahir Baybars” and “Al Helaly”, for the first time in 2018.

Back to the beginning of 2017, the Cairo Opera House hosted several performers from foreign countries who have been absent from Egyptian stages for a long while, including joint Egyptian-German Cairo Steps performance, celebrating National holidays of India and Mexico. Other performances that staged the opera throughout 2017 came from countries, such as China, Japan, Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Argentina, Austria, Korea and the Ukraine.

Caption: Chinese Golden Orchestra – Courtesy of Cairo Media House.

Also, in 2017 Cairo orchestra symphony started its 59th year under the supervision of Maestro Ahmed Al Saeedi. He is the artistic director, and has supervised 53 international opera houses performers throughout 2017. The performances included a collection of the most popular classical music compositions.

Caption: Cairo orchestra symphony – Courtesy of Cairo Media House.
As for the Cairo Opera team 2017 achievements, it has performed many of its popular shows under the supervision of the artistic director Iman Moustafa, “La Traviata”, “The Telephone”, “ Tosca”, “Aida” among others. All of the team members are currently participating in all Christmas concerts held in Opera.

As for Cairo Opera ballet Company, they have performed seven shows produced by Cairo Opera House, such as “Zorba”, “Coppelia”, “Lorkiana”, and “La Corsair” which was performed for the first time. Contemporary dance theater band has also performed five plays in 2017 such as “El Feel Al Azrak” (The Blue Elephant), “Mawlana” (Our Leader) among others. While “Al Forsan” the Opera folkloric dance crew, has performed three prominent shows as “Egypt’s Woman”, and “Aladin” among others.

One highlight from 2017 was the 99 concerts performed by Arabic Music Troupe. While in light of honoring the late prominent singer Mohsen Frouk, Cairo Opera house hosted 83 musicians from different Arab regions, such as Mohamed Assaf from Palestine, Assi Al Halani from Lebanon, Lotfi Bushnak from Tunisia among others.

Caption: Cairo Opera Ballet Company “Aladin Show” – Courtesy of Cairo Media House.

In celebration of Citadel Festival 26th anniversary, Salah Al Din Al Ayoubi Citadel hosted several Jazz, classical music, Sufi music concerts which were attended by more than 75 thousand attendees.

Caption: Cairo Opera Ballet Company “La Corsair” – Courtesy of Cairo Media House.

Damanhour Opera House organized the Damanhour Folklore Festival. It was a joint venture between Arab and foreign bands from Algeria, Egypt, and India.

Caption: Cairo Opera Ballet Company “Tosca” – Courtesy of Cairo Media House.

Caption: Cairo Opera Ballet Company “Coppelia” – Courtesy of Cairo Media House.

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