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Hanaa el-Shorbagy to be honored

Wed, Oct. 25, 2017
CAIRO – 25 October 2017: The National Center for Theater, Music and Folklore will honor actress Hanaa el-Shorbagy at the Balloon Theater on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Director Mohamed el-Khouly will lead the honoring ceremony, in which Ahmed Ibrahim will sing some distinguished Egyptian songs.

During the ceremony, Minister of Culture Helmy al-Namnam and the head of Cultural Production Sector will be given the Shield Award. Shorbagy will receive an appreciation certificate after presenting a documentary film about her artistic life.

Shorbagy, a comedic actress, was born on December 22, 1946. Most of her artistic career was with the crew of the actor Mohamed Sobhi, known as “Studio 80;” hence, she has not had any lead, heroic roles.

Hanaa el-Shorbagy – Facebook Page
While her repertoire of movies contains relatively few works; she has excelled in her roles in movies like “Hassan and Marcus” (2008), “Amir El Behar” (2009), and “Samir wa Shahir wa Bahir” (2010).

She performed folk dances in the Reda band for 15 years, encouraged by her mother, but the actor Sobhi found that dance was not her first ambition and advised her to act.
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