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Edfo Temple expansion discovered

Tue, Sep. 26, 2017
CAIRO – 26 September 2017: The Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities Police unearthed a new archeological discovery, the expansion of Edfo Temple, in Aswan.


The police found a number of historical artifacts dating back to the Ptolemaic period.

The discovery was made by chance. Khaled El Esawy, from the Tourism and Antiquities Police in Aswan noticed that citizens were performing illegal searches for artifacts under his home.


He dug a 300-meter crypt near Edfo Temple. The police also found a hole four meters deep.

An archaeological committee insisted on checking the crypt and after three hours of searching, it managed to unearth a historical sandstone stele, which is thought to Edfo Temple's expansion.


The stele portrayed the queen presenting gifts to the god Horus , in addition to there being many pillars of the temple.

The unearthed artifacts will be moved for further study after the end of investigations.
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