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Zahi Hawass: Egypt discovered only 30% of its antiquities

Sun, Sep. 10, 2017
CAIRO - 10 September 2017: The famous Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass announced that what Egypt discovered till now represents about 30 percent of its total antiquities; the remaining 70 percent is still buried under the sand.

‘’The newly discovered cemetery in Luxor is one of the most important discoveries in the modern era,’’ recounted Hawass. Hawass explained that the discovered tomb was extremely rich with antiquities as its owner was a jewellery maker, and almost half of its contents were in a good condition.

Hawass, one of the most distinguished archaeologists worldwide, has many discoveries to his name; he is also the author of hundreds of books in different languages. His recent discoveries include the Tombs of the Pyramid Builders and the Valley of the Golden Mummies.

Among the important works of Hawass is that he headed the team that scanned King Tutankhamun’s mummy to unravel mysteries surrounding the lives and deaths of ancient Egyptian kings.
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