Koba Dance workshop at Cairo Contemporary dance centre - facebook Koba Dance workshop at Cairo Contemporary dance centre - facebook

CCDC to present 3-day workshop starting September 14

Sat, Sep. 9, 2017
Cairo – 9 September 2017: The Cairo Contemporary Dance Center (CCDC) presents a three-day Koba Dance Workshop with Vincent Mantsoe starting September 14. Going back to African roots, participants will learn how to control body movements, energy and the use of breath with movement, the center reported on its official Facebook page.

Follow the flow of rhythm, control gravity and speed, breathe, and free your thoughts, the organizers told their participants during the workshop while teaching them various cross-integration movements that allow the body a freedom of expression to articulate what one feels and hears. This follows implementations of the center of gravity in motion, the description of the workshop mentioned.

Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe is a South African dancer and choreographer who was raised in the town of Soweto. Mantsoe began dancing at a young age and combined street dance with both traditional and contemporary styles. His exploration of movement also encompassed ballet, trance ceremonies, spirituality and cultural influences of Africa, Aboriginal Australia and Asia, CCDC described Mantsoe.

CCDC is an independent space for contemporary dance in Egypt. Founded in 2012 by Egyptian choreographer and dancer Karima Mansour. It operates under the umbrella of MAAT for Contemporary Art and is recognized by the UNESCO International Dance Council, according to the official CCDC Facebook page.
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