Beiteddine Palace in Lebanon - via Wikimedia Beiteddine Palace in Lebanon - via Wikimedia

The Political Circus performance troupe visits Lebanon

Sat, Jul. 29, 2017
CAIRO – 29 July 2017: The Political Circus (El-Cirque El-Siyassi) performance troupe is coming to the Beiteddine Art Festival in Lebanon, the Daily Star reports.

Headed by Hisham Jaber, this is a completely original production, with a wide array of totally original songs.

It draws inspiration from both carnivals and contemporary politics; it's a musical, a circus performance and a fairy tale, all in one package. The 24 performers include actors, singers and six international circus stars.

The Political Circus' plot concerns the residents of a fictional land called "Derelict Dreams" (Khirbat al-Ahlam), where all the children have left and everyone lives depressed.

In an effort to bring life back, the government attempts to reinvigorate people by holding an election. They hire a planner to host entertainment acts to get people excited. The poorest people dress up like clowns, being paid to act the most enthusiastic.

The play is a critique on the way that modern politics has turned into a clown-show.

The show will run August 2-4 at the Beiteddine Art Festival.

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