A bank employee counts U.S. Dollar notes – REUTERS A bank employee counts U.S. Dollar notes – REUTERS

Dollar prices stable at major Egyptian banks

Wed, Sep. 19, 2018
CAIRO - 19 September 2018: The exchange rate of the US dollar was relatively stable during transactions on Wednesday at major banks.

The dollar exchange rate settled at LE 17.78 for buying and LE 17.88 for selling at the National Bank of Egypt.

At Banque Misr, the dollar stood at LE 17.79 for buying and LE 17.89 for selling.

At Banque du Caire, the Commercial International Bank (CIB) and the National Bank of Greece it recorded LE 17.86 for buying and LE 17.96 for selling.

At Alexandria Bank and the Arab African International Bank the dollar price stood at LE 17.85 for buying and LE 17.95 for selling.

At Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, the price went up by one piaster recording LE 17.87 for buying and LE 17.97 for selling.
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