Minister of Investment Sahar Nasr while opening Uber's center Tuesday- Press Photo Minister of Investment Sahar Nasr while opening Uber's center Tuesday- Press Photo

Egypt opens Uber's first service center in MENA

Tue, Oct. 10, 2017
CAIRO – 10 October 2017: Minister of Investment Sahar Nasr inaugurated Tuesday Uber’s first Center of Excellence (CoE) center in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in Cairo, with $20 million in investments over five years, a statement from the Ministry reported.

Uber’s vice chairman Peter Demetri, who attended the opening, said that the center will be the biggest in size compared to the centers in Europe and Africa. “It will act as a main axis of assisting customers in the region and a key source of measuring the quality of the service,” Demetri said.

The CoE operates 24/7, providing assistance to riders and drivers in the region, as well as to the customers and couriers of online meal ordering and delivery platform UberEats.

The support will be granted via multiple communication channels–email, phone, and social media platforms—to ensure a smooth experience before, during, and after the ride. Access to its services will be available in three main languages: English, Arabic and Urdu.

The 16 countries that the center will cater to are the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa.

Uber has a long-term commitment to creating tens of thousands of jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities. Since its launch in Cairo, Uber has created direct work opportunities for more than 50,000 active drivers, 40 percent of which had been unemployed prior to joining Uber.

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