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Promoting human rights is one of Egypt’s top priorities: MP

Wed, Dec. 12, 2018
CAIRO – 12 December 2018: Achieving human rights isamong Egypt’s top priorities, primarily focusingon the rights of citizens to a respectable life, health, education and housing, MP Ayman Abul-Ela said on Monday, marking the International Human Rights Day.

Abul-Ela, the head of the parliamentary committee of the Free Egyptians Party, referred that the international human rights charters are not applied in the places suffering from terrorist attacks.

Human Rights Day is observed every year on December 10 – the day the United Nations General Assembly adoptedthe Universal Declaration of Human Rightsin 1948.
Meanwhile, MP Mohammed al-Ghoul said that Egypt is keen on improving the conditions of prisoners and adopting legislation that meets human rights standards.

He added that the international committee should pay great attention to the war on terrorism in the Arab world and work on ensuring that every person has the right to a safe life through combating terrorism and designating some terrorist groups in the terror list.

As part of Egypt’s interest to promote fundamental human rights and freedoms, Egypt’s government announced in August 2018 that it approved a draft resolution to form a permanent higher committee on human rights.

As various western reports and human rights activists generally accuse Egypt of human rights abuses, this committee will focus on handling and responding to any accusations against Egypt with respect to its human rights record.

This human rights committee will also be concerned with following up on Egypt’s implementation of international human rights obligations and agreements that are done on a global level. It will also be in charge of preparing reports, proposing policies and suggestions on how to handle issues of human rights.

The decision comes in accordance with the president's instructions to take action at both the institutional and executive levels to promote human rights,constitutional rights and basic freedoms on the national level.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the highest number of votes to chair the higher committee for human rights.

According to an article published by the Human Rights Watch, the Egyptian authorities are using counterterrorism laws to prosecute journalists and activists.

However, the war against terrorism and the establishment of the permanent higher committee for human rights are two separate things for Egypt.

In his meeting with President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) Mohammed Fayek in October 2017, Sisiaffirmed that Egypt will continue its efforts to maintain human rights and basic freedoms in parallel with confronting terrorism and protecting its national security from current dangers threatening the region.
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