American-Egyptian entrepreneur Michael Morgan speaks on a hearing session inside the US Congress, Nov. 29, 2017 - Press Photo American-Egyptian entrepreneur Michael Morgan speaks on a hearing session inside the US Congress, Nov. 29, 2017 - Press Photo

US should support Sisi in his war against terrorism: Senators

Thu, Nov. 30, 2017
CAIRO – 30 November 2017: The United States should support President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in his war against terrorism and list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror group, US senators and National Security Advisors stated in a hearing session inside the US Congress on Wednesday.

American-Egyptian entrepreneur at London Center for Policy Research, Michael Morgan, organized this hearing session to discuss the dangers of terrorism to humanity and the threats imposed by some countries that support terrorism to fulfill their agendas.

Robert "Bud" McFarlane, former National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan called on the US to facilitate financial transactions and loans to back Sisi’s economic plans in Egypt and his war on terrorism.

He stated that the biggest threat to the Middle East, the United States and humanity is terrorism.

In particular, the Middle East faces three challenges, namely stability in the region, violence and extremism, and the danger of Iran and Russia's plans in the region.

During the session, United States Representative Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher denounced the terrorist attack on Al-Rawdah Mosque in Egypt's North Sinai governorate. The attack took place during Friday prayers and left 311 dead.

“Terrorism has been spreading for decades, but we have not witnessed such brutal terrorism before," he said, pointing out the importance of adopting a strong stance toward terrorism.

Sisi is one of the world's great leaders; he is a wise, diplomatic and realistic man, Richard Black, Republican Virginia State Senator stated, hailing Sisi’s leadership and his war against terrorism.

"Egypt was a victim of the brotherhood regime and Sisi insisted on not using violence against the protesters, demonstrating against Mohamed Morsi," Black Added.

He went on to attack the Muslim Brotherhood, stating that “If Al-Qaeda is the armed wing of the jihadist organizations; then the Muslim Brotherhood is the political wing.”

Morgan denounced what he described as the “flop” in the US congressional decisions toward a strategic ally in the Middle East, such as Egypt, which is facing the heaviest terrorist attacks.

Morgan called on Congress to take swift legal actions against terrorist organizations and entities that exploit the principles and values of the American community and the privileges granted by the United States to foreigners.

“It is not reasonable for the international community to ignore the rights of those who died, those who have been displaced and those who have been orphaned as a result of terrorism crimes and only pay attention to some inaccurate and unjustified reports about Human rights,” he added.
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