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Turkey continues sending products to Qatar

Sat, Aug. 12, 2017
CAIRO - 12 August 2017: Large numbers of Turkish trucks is scheduled to cross from the Iranian port of Bushehr to deliver food products to Qatar, according to Iranian media reports.

Qatar has been facing major deficits in products after facing sanctions from Arab neighbours due to allegations of supporting terrorism.

Iran has allocated a sea bridge in the South of Bushehr Port to send goods to Qatar.

Iran also inaugurated a shipping line between the port and the Gulf nation to develop non-oil exports, according to a previous statement announced the Assistant President of the Iranian’s Organization for Development of Industry Mines and Trade, Abu Qasim Mohamed Zadeh
Turkish Economy Minister Nihad Zibeki announced last week that Turkey, Qatar, and Iran verbally agreed on exporting goods from Turkey to Qatar via Iran. This agreement is expected to be signed in the upcoming days.

Earlier this month, the Turkish Economy Minister has confirmed the difficulty of continuing to use cargo planes to transport products to Qatar, and suggested the tripartite countries to discuss the issue of the transfer of products to Qatar, in a practical way and at the lowest cost.

Turkey has sent 221 cargo planes full of everyday necessities to Qatar since the crisis began with Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt. Turkey was more successful than Iran in exporting its goods to Qatar.
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