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Tough Love

Mon, Oct. 23, 2017
Don’t be afraid to be different. Different is unique.
Different is what you’re born to be.

Dear baby brother, don’t be afraid of life. Live to the fullest, and do whatever you please, as long as you don’t hurt anyone, as long as you don’t hurt yourself in any- way.
As long as you’re not hurting either your- self or anyone else then it’s absolutely fine.

Dear baby brother, Learn how to listen.
Learn how to listen to understand, not just to respond
Learn to accept other people’s differenc- es, and let them be who they want to be. Accept people for who they are as long as they don’t change you for the worse.
Accept people but know that you don’t have to deal with what you don’t like.
You don’t have to like everyone, you just have to accept people as they are, and choose the ones who you like, the ones you know how to deal with.

have come to accept life’s lessons after too many failures, and because of that as my baby brother, who I love so much, turns six I feel like I should tell him or lead him somehow through life. But how am I supposed to lead him when I’m 13 years older than him? I’m going be mar- ried with kids and he’ll be just starting his
So I thought maybe I could write him a letter and give it to him when he turns 15, because as we know 15 is the age where it all starts if not earlier! Teenage years are what determine what you’re going be or who you’ll turn out to be in your life.
Mine weren’t the perfect teenage years but they were years of tough lessons.

I can’t lie, it was horrible half of the time, especially because I didn’t really have a good friend that I could trust en- tirely; that good friend came later when I turned 17.
The point is I thought it would be perfect if I just talked to my brother through my letter, teenager to teenager, so if I grow older and don’t have the chance to say it all, then at least my letter will when he turns 15.

Dear baby brother
Don’t be afraid to dive deep into some- thing.
Don’t be afraid to jump into the sea first when the boat stops.
Don’t be afraid to fall in love and give all your heart.
Don’t be afraid to express your emotions, but choose who you’re expressing to.

Dear baby brother,
Life won’t be easy, it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes you’ll have to pass through challenges. Sometimes you’ll have to deal with failure and accept it. Sometimes you’ll have to go through hardships to know how much you can take.

Just know that failure does not define you as a failure. Only quitting does. And you’re not gonna be a quitter.

Quitting is only accepted when the situ- ation turns from pushing to be better to pushing a wall.

What I mean is, quitting is only when the thing you try to do doesn’t suit you any- more; like failed relationships or a boring job. Other than that quitting is not what we do.
Quitting is not what wolves do, baby boy, and you’re a wolf.

Dear baby brother, Know your worth.

Love yourself.
But never be self-centered, never let your ego control you.
You’re the best but know that there is another best in other ways, because ev- eryone is good at something, everyone is unique in their own way.
Just like you’re unique in so many ways. It’s okay to have an ego as long as it doesn’t hurt others.
Love yourself and know your worth.

Dear baby brother,
Help those who ask you for help. Give a hand to those helpless.
Be there for the people you love.
Be there for the people who are there for you.
Give love with nothing in return. Be good to people for no reason,
But also know that sometimes people can hate you for being better, richer or stron- ger
And it’s okay, you don’t have to hate those people just say el7amdulelah for being who you are ,and for having what you have.
Take care of those people and avoid their hating looks and envious souls, but accept that they don’t have satisfaction with who they are
And that you should always be satisfied with what you have. Aim for the better, aim for the best, but be happy with what you own as well

Dear baby brother, Family comes first Family comes first Family comes first Family comes first Family comes first

Five times is not enough but you know family always comes first.
No one is gonna love you the way your family does,
No one is gonna accept you the way your family will.
Family is the only unconditional love you’ll ever have and experience in your life.
Family are the people who care without asking for anything in return.
Family are the people who love you for who you are even if you are a bad person (which you’re not)
Family are the people who care and al- ways will
Family is everything. . .

Dear baby brother,
You’re gonna fall in love . . . A lot.
You’re gonna think that this is it every time,
But baby boy when it isn’t don’t be sad. We fall in love and go through relation- ships to learn.

Hardships are what teaches us life.
One day the girl you need will come. She’s gonna feel like family.
She’s gonna respect you and your needs. And when she does, buy her red roses and tell her my big sister told me that red ros- es are the roses of love and passion.
Choose the girl with the mind not the looks. Looks are great but looks without a mind are useless.
Choose the girl who loves you for you, not for what you have.
The girl who wants you comfortable and satisfied.
Choose the girl who accepts you and you accept her as well.
The girl with a kind heart and smart mind. Choose a smart one, baby boy.
Choose the girl who sparkles for you and gives you her all, and trusts you entirely and you do the same for her.
Love is the most amazing thing you’re gonna experience, true love baby, only the true one.
Choose your friends wisely. Don’t trust blindly.
Don’t trust easily.
Don’t share your family’s problems with anyone ever, unless she’s your wife.
Don’t trust easily I’m gonna say it again. Don’t give someone your all unless they are ready to do the same for you.
Choose your friends wisely and know that friends are measured by quality not quan- tity.
One or two good friends are worth thou- sand fake ones.
Have that one friend by your side and treat everyone the same, because not everyone has to be special.
Don’t promise what you’re not going to do. Be a man of your word as long as it’s the right thing to do.
Don’t underestimate anyone’s emotions no matter how overrated they maybe.
you don’t have to deal with them if you don’t want to.
You’re gonna meet some fake people and its okay.
they’re gonna hurt you and it’s okay.
Just walk away from anything that doesn’t make you comfortable anymore.
Don’t take rushed decisions.
Don’t decide anything when you’re either very angry or very happy.
Trust your instincts. Appreciate good art.
Never ever have a meaningless tattoo. Also one more thing, do things with pas- sion or not at all.

Baby boy, this is the most important one, Pray to God.
Remember him. Know him.
Feel him in your bones. Know He’s there.

Know He’s everywhere.
Even when you’re doing wrong, get back to Him.
Tell Him you’re sorry. He’ll listen.
He’ll be there.
Even when He puts you through hell, Just tell Him how you feel.
He’ll listen.
He’ll be there for you always.
Pray to God, baby boy, He’s gonna be there all your life, watching you, leading you, showing you signs on your way, in every situation.
He loves you because you are His.
So pray for him and always talk to Him. He’ll always show you the way, and when it gets dark, trust me, He will light up the
darkness or He’ll give you the power to 17
light up that darkness yourself.

Dear baby brother,
I love you endlessly. I love you always.
I will always be here for you, To listen.
Even if you did the worst thing a person can do.
I will listen.
I will be there at your worst and accept you.
I will be there when you need a shoulder, Or when you screw everything up.
Dear baby brother, I will always be there for you.
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