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EgyptAir to facilitate return of Egyptians from Qatar

Mon, Jun. 19, 2017
CAIRO – 19 June 2017: Egypt Air office in Doha expressed readiness to facilitate the return of Egyptians to their country, if they so wish. Sky News said Monday that EgyptAir will help find several options on other available flights to Cairo.

According to Egypt’s latest decision to cut all diplomatic ties with Qatar and closing its seaports and airspaces, no direct air flights are working anymore between Cairo and Doha. However, the Kuwaiti, Turkish, Omani and Middle Eastern Airlines offer indirect flights to Cairo.

EgyptAir Doha office said in a statement that the ticket price is expected to be higher than usual, adding that “travelers will be treated as if they are having two flights, not just one”.

Qatar’s relations with several Arab and Gulf States have been strained since May 24, when the Qatari state-run news agency quoted Sheikh Tamim Al Thani’s statements describing the Gulf foreign policy with Iran as “unwise”.

On Monday, June 5, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen decided to cut all diplomatic ties with Qatar for its “continuous support for terrorism,” closing their airspace and seaports to Qatari transportation.
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