Officer Rami Hilal - photo via Facebook Officer Rami Hilal - photo via Facebook

Suicide bombing victims rise to three policemen

Tue, Feb. 19, 2019
CAIRO - 19 February 2019: The number of victims of the suicide bombing that took place Monday near Al Azhar mosque within the security officers rose to three, security officials said early Tuesday.

Officer Rami Hilal died after being badly wounded in the explosion that occurred in Al Darb al-Ahmar neighborhood. Egypt's security forces managed to identify on Tuesday the terrorist behind Al Azhar suicide bombing as Al Hasan Abdullah (37 years old).

Egypt's minister of Interior has previously revealed in a statement that the efforts to find the assailant behind the planted Improvised Explosive Device (IED) near Al-Istiqamah Mosque in Giza governorate on Friday, had led them to Al Darb al-Ahmar neighborhood near Al Azhar mosque.

The security forces attempted to arrest Al Hasan who resided in the old neighborhood before he explodes himself in a suicide attack to kill three policemen and wounding six others along with several pedestrians.
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