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Al-Azhar Uni. suspends female student over hugging her boyfriend

Mon, Jan. 14, 2019
CAIRO – 13 January 2019: Al-Azhar University suspends a student Sunday over appearing in a Video hugging her boyfriend inside Al-Mansora University, according to Azhar University spokesperson Ahmed Zare.

The statement added that a disciplinary council had decided to suspend the student, who is studying at the Faculty of Arabic Language at Mansoura University, after launching an investigation.

Zare added that the student may appeal against the decision.

Zare referred that Al-Azhar University is a religious and educational institution "and what the girl did undermines the ethics and traditions of the society."

Chairman of Al-Azhar University Mohammad al-Maharsawi said in a press statement that what the girl did undermines "the values of Al-Azhar, the community and the university."

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