FILE – the 3-year old victim Malika FILE – the 3-year old victim Malika

Min. orders investigation as school bus runs over student

Thu, Jan. 10, 2019
CAIRO – 10 January 2019: Egypt’s Education Minister Tarek Shawki ordered an immediate investigation into the death of three year old Malika in Giza after her school bus ran over her.

The student went to El-Radwa Language Schools located in 6th of October city.

The ministry affirmed that it will punish the ones responsible for the accident after the end of the investigations. A surveillance camera picked up the incident. However, Egypt Today is not publishing the video due to its disturbing nature.

Such a horrible incident comes shortly after a wall of a building, reportedly illegally included inside al-Manara private school in Marg district northeast of Cairo, collapsed in December, causing the death of one student and the injury of many others.

Shawki suspended the general director of al-Marg Educational Administration, the under-secretary of administration and the director of private education until an investigation is conducted on whether the school notified the concerned parties about the state of the wall and took the necessary cautionary measures for the students' safety.
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