Egypt's Air forces launched a full-scale operation against militants in North and Central Sinai on Friday, February 9,2018- Egypt Today/ Mohamed Ezzat
Egypt's Air forces launched a full-scale operation against militants in North and Central Sinai on Friday, February 9,2018- Egypt Today/ Mohamed Ezzat

LIVE UPDATE: Egypt launches full-scale operation against terrorists

Fri, Feb. 9, 2018
CAIRO – 9 February 2018: Egypt’s army and police forces have launched on Friday a full-scale military operation titled "Sinai 2018" aiming to purge the country from terrorism.

In the below lines, Egypt Today compiles all news and experts’ elaborations on “Sinai 2018” Operation:

All you need to know about Egypt's full-scale offensive 'Sinai 2018'

CAIRO - 9 February 2018: Days after Sisi's pledge in the "Tale of a Homeland" conference to use brutal force when confronting terrorism in Sinai, the Egyptian Armed Forces announced on Friday morning a new major military operation dubbed "Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018" to purge country from terrorism.

20:20 - The Cabinet deemed the ongoing security operations as resuming the war against extremism; Prime Minister Sherif Ismail affirmed the Cabinet's full support to the comprehensive military operation and expressed great appreciation to sacrifices made by police and army personnel.

20:15 - Presidential Spokesman Bassam Radi said the Sinai 2018 Operation is a result of a series of military efforts and investigations since 2013.

18:48 - The Minister of Higher Education declared Friday the suspension of study at Arish and Sinai universities and all higher educational institutes in Sinai for one week, until next Thursday.

17:01 - North Sinai governor declared the suspension of study in the governorate until a further notice.

15:30 - Former Egyptian intelligence Undersecretary Major-General Mohamed Rashad told Egypt Today “Egypt’s ongoing security operation against terrorists and extremists in Sinai is acting as much of a military deterrent and as a precaution.”

Rashad stressed that Sinai is in a bad need of such a “military operation to purge the peninsula of militants,” and to pave a safe way to witness a democratic and free presidential election which is set to take place in March.

Sinai operation acts as a deterrent against 'ghosts': experts

CAIRO - 9 February 2018: A few hours after launching a "comprehensive security operation" against terrorists in Sinai, domestic and international circles have searched for explanations and experts' opinions to elaborate the operation's motives and anticipated outcomes.

15:00 - The Egypt Support Coalition as well as other parties expressed its support for “Sinai 2018.”

14:45 - Coptic Orthodox Church announces its support for the armed forces in their full-scale offensive against terrorism.

14:42 - Egypt’s State Information Service (SIS) urged the international media to stick to credibility and accuracy in reporting on the "Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018".

12:35 - Iftaa observatory urged Egyptians to support Armed Forces, police in war against terrorism.

'Sinai 2018': Egypt's knockout against terrorism

CAIRO - 9 February 2018: Earlier Friday, Egyptian Security Forces launched a comprehensive and strategic confrontation, Sinai 2018, against terrorist hotbeds and criminal organizations in North Sinai, Central Sinai, Egypt's Delta, Nile Valley and the Suez Canal's surrounding. Egypt Today provides you with a briefing on operation Sinai 2018.

12:20 - Al-Azhar Institute expressed its full support for the "Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018."

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-09 at 12.38.02 PM
Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayyib - File Photo

12:00 - “Sinai” is one of the most tweeted hashtags on Twitter trends in Egypt, in addition to the “Military," “armed forces” and “spokesperson," all in Arabic.

ground troops 1
Egypt's ground troops in a full-scale offensive against militants in North and Central Sinai on Friday, February 9,2018- Phoro courtesy of the Armed Forces Spokesperson's Facebook page

11:53 - Egypt's state TV aired on Friday the first footage for the "Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018" that was announced to purge the country from terrorism.

11:40 – President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi tweeted on Friday saying he is following “with pride” the military operations that have been announced by the army and the police, which aims at uprooting terrorism across the country.

“I follow in pride the heroic acts of my sons in the armed forces and the police to purge the precious land of Egypt from terrorist elements who are the enemies of life ... And always # long live Egypt,” Sisi said on his official Twitter account.

11:16 – Army issued the second communiqué. Egypt's Air Force targeted a number of terrorist hotbeds, weapons and ammunition stores as part of an intensified security crackdown in different parts in Sinai.

8:51 – Army issued the first communiqué for the operation. Army Spokesperson Tamer el-Refai' announced in a televised statement that the army launched “Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018” to uproot terrorists across areas in North and Central Sinai, Delta and the Western Desert.

8:00 – Egypt’s army raised state of high alert across the country to execute an intensified security crackdown against terrorists.
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