FILE – Libyan IS terrorist called Hisham al-Okli FILE – Libyan IS terrorist called Hisham al-Okli

Libyan IS admits killing 20 Egyptian Copts in Libya

Wed, Dec. 6, 2017
CAIRO – 6 December 2017: Anti-crime Department in Misurata, Libya, published a video on its official Facebook page of an IS terrorist member killing 20 Egyptian Copts in Libya.

Fortified Structure Forces of the Presidency Council in Libya arrested Libyan IS terrorist Hisham al-Okli, nicknamed "dinosaur,” who participated in kidnapping and beheading 21 Copts in the February 2015 attack in Libya, said the department in a statement.

In confessions, the Libyan IS member, born in 1982 in the city of Derna, said that he was recruited to go to the Libyan city of Sirte by Hashim Bou Sedra, confirming that a number of terrorists were chosen for carrying out the slaughter of Egyptian Copts.

Shortly after the attack in 2015, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi gave a speech, offering his deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims, as well as all Egyptians. Sisi powerfully stated, “Egypt will not hesitate at all to strike terrorist camps anywhere.”

In response to the attack, Egyptian fighter jets carried out six strikes on camps near Derna, where the militants responsible for the attack were believed to have been training.
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