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Parliament to uproot extremist thought in universities

Mon, Dec. 4, 2017
CAIRO – 4 December 2017: Parliament is seeking new laws to eliminate university professors who spread extremist thoughts and ideologies, Ihab al-Tamawi, member of Parliament’s Legislative Affairs Committee, told Egypt Today on Monday.

He added that anyone proven to be affiliated with a terrorist group, such as Muslim Brotherhood, should be excluded from teaching or even working inside Egypt’s universities, in accordance with Egyptian law and as part of the state’s measures to counter terrorism.

Tamawi explained that the terms of working inside Egypt's universities demand that one should not be affiliated with any terrorist group. “So a comprehensive survey should be applied over universities to determine how many professors and employees are still working within universities while being affiliated with the MB or any other terrorist group,” he added.

Also, parliamentarian Khaled Abdelazem said that allowing university professors with extremist thoughts puts young people at risk of associating with extremist ideologies. “Terminating university professors who are proven to be affiliated with the MB is considered to be implementation of the law,” he added.

Cairo University already fired five university professors on December 1 due to accusations of being affiliated with the MB. In an official statement issued by the university, the five professors were labeled terrorists in accordance with judicial law.
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