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Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait issue travel warnings to Lebanon

Fri, Nov. 10, 2017
CAIRO – 10 November 2017: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have issued advisories to their citizens about traveling to Lebanon and urged those who are in the country to leave as soon as possible.

An official source at the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Saudi nationals visiting or residing in Lebanon are asked to leave the country as soon as possible, according to the official Saudi news agency (SPA).

Kuwait, the UAE and Bahrain - allies of Saudi Arabia - also urged their nationals to leave Lebanon immediately. The Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs also warned would-be Lebanon tourists about “safety considerations."

In 2016, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait had ordered their nationals to leave Lebanon after they considered that Hezbollah, the armed group fighting in Syria alongside the regime, controls Lebanon's political leadership. The UAE has not lifted its travel bans on Lebanon since then.

At the same time, the Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad al-Hariri, unexpectedly declared his resignation in a pre-recorded message on Saturday, during his visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Hariri said in the televised speech that he feared for his life and accused Iran and its proxies of destabilizing his country and the region.

Hariri served as Prime Minister from 2009 to 2011 and took office again in 2016.
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