President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi – Live screenshot from the forum President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi – Live screenshot from the forum

Sisi sets recommendations in WYF

Thu, Nov. 9, 2017
CAIRO – 9 November 2017: Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi delivered on Thursday the closing speech of the first edition of the World Youth Forum (WYF) in Sharm El-Sheikh, setting eight recommendations for future youth conventions.

Sisi tasked the organization committee of the first and biggest international youth conference in the Middle East to take necessary measures to establish an international center on Arab-African dialogue among youth in the world.

He also ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate with all relevant world bodies and the United Nations to adopt the outcomes of the Security Council simulation model conducted during the conference.

The president called on the organization committee to coordinate with the associated state agencies to turn the WYF into an annual conference.

On the other hand, the first edition of the WYF recommended the establishment of a center for cultural communication between the youth of Egypt and the world in coordination with the ministries of culture, tourism, education and planning.

Furthermore, the organization committee of the forum will establish an African Youth Center to bring African youth together and benefit from their ambitious ideas.

The president called on the the National Youth Academy for Training and Empowerment, established in Egypt in 2016, to put a plan for cultural exchange with all similar centers all over the world to provide scholarships for youth.

The main outcome of the forum was to develop a strategy to confront extremism, terrorism and illiteracy by the beginning of 2018. During his inauguration speech on Sunday, Sisi stressed the importance of counter-terrorism; adding that Egypt spares no efforts in fighting extremism.

“Terrorism violates and destroys our human nature. The fight against terrorism is a right to humanity,” Sisi said.

In addition, the National Academy for Youth will hold workshops and activate the mechanisms of acquaintance and dialogue among the youth of the world.

Finally, the president mandated the Cabinet to expand in the financing of small and micro enterprises to support Egyptian youth willing to launch their own projects.

Under the theme ‘We Need to Talk’, the first round of the conference was held in Sharm El-Sheikh since November 4 with the participation of 3,200 youths from 113 different nationalities.

The idea to hold an international youth conference in Egypt came during the third National Conference of Youth (NCY) in Ismailia.

The forum included 46 sessions and workshops to discuss various key issues, including the youth employment to achieve sustainable development, as well as fighting terrorism, extremism, and illegal immigration.
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