PM during press confrance held in Alexandria Thursday - press photo PM during press confrance held in Alexandria Thursday - press photo

Major achievements to be witnessed soon: PM

Thu, Oct. 19, 2017
CAIRO – 19 October 2017: Prime Minister Sherif Ismail announced that the government spotted 340 inoperative and suspended projects all over the country during the past period, stating that they will focus on reactivating all these projects.

After visiting several sites in the governorate, Ismail added during a press conference held Thursday in Alexandria that these projects include establishing 60,000 new classes inside schools, building 600,000 new housing units; along with several electricity and sanitary drainage projects.

Ismail said that according to the government’s current efficiency rate, the coming period will witness ”major achievements.” According to the prime minister, a large number of these projects will be launched in the coming months.

“Around 10,000 new projects were planned during the past three years; however, we are now working at a much higher rate than before to finish the projects,” Ismail said; adding that his tour will extend to include all governorates so as to follow on projects’ details.

Several meetings were conducted between Ismail and other ministers during the tour including the sports and housing ministers, along with Alexandria’s governor.

Early Wednesday, Ismail initiated his visit to Alexandria to hold meetings with the governorate’s officials, and to visit several projects and sites.
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