World Youth Forum official hashatg World Youth Forum official hashatg

'WeNeedToTalk': Egyptian youths' initiative for global dialogue

Sat, Oct. 14, 2017
CAIRO – 14 October 2017: The organizing committee for the World Youth Forum slated for November 4-10 launched the official hashtag of the forum called “WeNeedToTalk”.

The hashtag will provide a social media platform for young individuals around the world to collectively engage and ideats through active dialogue, ensuring the diversity of the participant in the international forum.

“Everyone Contributes to Peace and Development” was chosen to be the theme of the forum. The logo was designed to reflect the core idea of the forum. It consists of a triangle symbolizing the Egyptian pyramids, which represent the ancient Egyptian civilization, a small square that denotes the world and the spirit of togetherness and a circle symbolizing the youth around the globe who are the center of every nation’s progress.

The forum, held under the auspices of president Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, will take up youth-related issues including terror, climate change, irregular migration, refugees, axis of sustainable development, technology, entrepreneurship, and axis of cultures and civilizations

Also, it will tackle the means to confront the challenges facing the youth, the role of women in decision-making and means to increase the political, social and economic participation of youth and women.
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