Geneal Foaad Nassar - File photot Geneal Foaad Nassar - File photot

Head of military intelligence during 1973 war speaks out

Fri, Oct. 6, 2017
Cairo – 6 October 2017: Akhbar el Youm institution published a new book, “Killers and Spies”. The journalist Sherif Aref made a long interview with the head of Egyptian military intelligence during the 1973 war, General Foad Nassars, who tells new secrets about the war after 44 years.

the poster of (Killers and spies) book

Nassar speaks about the role of military intelligence during the war, as its mission was to collect information about the enemy, analyze them, and then get conclusions about their military equipment, plans and readiness, while preventing them from getting any information about the Egyptian army.

He also mentioned that after the 1967 war, the Egyptian army bought encryptors from Germany, which allowed them also to discover some spy devices on some cable at Suez Canal, so they allowed them to deceive the enemy, and they put the new encryptors on other cables.
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