Maspero building - Creative Commons
Maspero building - Creative Commons

Maspero Triangle development to be completed over next 3 years

Thu, Oct. 5, 2017
CAIRO – 5 October 2017: Twenty percent of residents in Maspero Triangle, the largest slum in Cairo, agreed to be relocated while development works are undertaken in the area, Ahmed Darwish, deputy housing minister for slums and urban development, announced.

In a phone-in to the program Yahdos Fi Masr (Happening in Egypt), broadcasted on MBC Egypt, Darwish also said that the development projects targeting the Maspero Triangle will be complete in the next three years, and will cost the government between LE 3- 4 billion ($169 million - $227 million ). Around LE 600 million will be allotted for the evacuees.

Darwish confirmed that Maspero Triangle is due to be fully evacuated by the end of 2017.

Maspero Triangle, whose location lies along the banks of the Nile, encompasses a wide-scale of slums that are home to around 3,000 families. The Egyptian government has already embarked on listing compensation methods for the families of the area; be it financial or through relocating them in the Asmarat city of al-Mokkatam.
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