Tamim Bin Hamad during his Friday speech Tamim Bin Hamad during his Friday speech

Psychology professor says Tamim's speech indicates confusion

Sat, Jul. 22, 2017
CAIRO – 22 July 2017: As Tamim Bin Hamad, the Qatari emir, delivered his first speech after Arab countries cut ties with Doha for supporting terrorism, psychology professor Gamal Ferwez, said Tamim’s confusion indicates ambivalence in his personality.

Ferwez said it is apparent that Tamim suffers a crisis and a suffocating internal situation in his country, however, he intended to show otherwise.

He pointed out in an interview with Egypt Today that Tamim is afraid to lose his power. He said such fear is inherited in his family that is known for a long history of coups.

“His words and stuttering tell us that he is not a leader, but is being led,” Ferwez said. “He is led by his father Hamad Bin Khalifa and former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jassim.”

Ferwez added that Qatar is a tiny emirate that was once part of the Bahraini kingdom; therefore, he always has the feeling that he might lose it.

He said Tamim contradicts himself as he supports terrorism, but his actions say otherwise.

Additional reporting by Amira Shehata.
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