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Injuries reported in Warraq clashes between police and state land occupiers

Sun, Jul. 16, 2017
CAIRO- 16 July 2017: Clashes erupted Sunday between security forces and residents of Warraq district in Giza during a crackdown to remove Nile transgressions resulted in injuries among both sides.

A total of 28 policemen, including Assistant Security Directorate head Reda el-Omda were injured with birdshots, and a civilian suffered suffocation from a tear-gas bomb thrown to disperse the residents, according to Al-Shorouq newspaper.

Later, MENA reported that the number of injured among the police rose to 28.

A number of the residents who participated in the clashes were detained.

Giza Security directorate launched a campaign Sunday to remove violating buildings on the Nile in Warraq district.

In January 2015, the Ministry of Irrigation launched a national campaign titles “Save the Nile,” aiming to remove all transgressions placed on the Nile River. Since the launching, a total of 26,651 violation cases were seized.
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