Members of Saudi security forces stand guard in the port city of Jazan - Reuters Members of Saudi security forces stand guard in the port city of Jazan - Reuters

Egypt strongly condemns Qatif terror attack in Saudi

Sat, Jul. 8, 2017
CAIRO – 8 July 2017: Egypt strongly condemned two terror attacks which occurred Thursday in Qatif Province in eastern Saudi Arabia, leaving one policeman dead and eight others injured, according to a Foreign Ministry statement on Saturday.

The statement ensured that Egypt shows solidarity to Saudi Arabia in combating the terrorism and extremism that aims to destabilize the Kingdom. It also added that Egypt supports all Saudi measures to fight terrorist organizations.

Egypt’s calls for concerted international efforts to eradicate extremism worldwide were reiterated in the statement.

Meanwhile, Egypt witnessed a terror attack in Rafah city Friday, leaving 26 soldiers killed and dozens more injured. The military launched airstrikes on terror hotbeds in North Sinai in response, claiming the lives of more than 40 militants according to an Egyptian Armed Forces statement.

International condemnation of Friday’s attack ensued, where countries announced support to Egypt in its prolonged counter-terrorism war.

The State Information Service (SIS) said that Friday’s Rafah attack, which coincided with celebrations of the anniversary of June 30 Revolution which rid Egypt of Muslim Brotherhood rule on July 3, 2013, is the second of its kind against the forces of the Egyptian army in 18 months since the end of 2015.
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