Cover Photo: International Day of Yoga official photo Cover Photo: International Day of Yoga official photo

Yoga at Baron Palace is as exciting as it sounds

Sat, Jun. 17, 2017
CAIRO – 17 June 2017: The World is celebrating Yoga, and so will Cairo on the Yoga International Day.

Yoga is a reputable sport and ritual that is practiced across the world, but it only became popular in Egypt a few decades ago.

Although Yoga is not native to the Egyptian culture, natural, mind-blowing Egyptian locations make perfect spots for this sport. Beaches in Nuweiba and Dahab for example have hosted several Yoga classes, and many events have emerged to take Yoga fans from Cairo to South Sinai just to practice Yoga.

This year, the Indian embassy in Cairo chose a beautiful place to mark the International Day of Yoga on Wednesday; it is the historical Baron Palace, Heliopolis in Cairo .

Yoga is best known for its stretching and strengthening qualities at the physical level and for its effects on clearing and relaxation.

“Join us, celebrate International Day of Yoga as part of a worldwide movement,” the Indian embassy said on its Facebook page.

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