The new city of Tiba in Luxor - Press Photo The new city of Tiba in Luxor - Press Photo

Pics: Luxor's Tiba, an architectural breakthrough

Sun, Jul. 21, 2019
CAIRO - 21 July 2019: The new city of Tiba in Luxor is an architectural boom.The city has achieved the ISO quality certificate, becoming the first city in Luxor to get that certificate.

et reviews the full details of the establishment and history of the city, as well as the services made available to the city's residents,investors and businessmen:

History of Tiba and its establishment

Luxor governor told Egypt Today on Saturday that Tiba was established by presidential decree No. 198 for the year 2000 with an area of 5445.24 acres, where the area increased on September 21, 2018 to become 9496 acres.

Tiba is located 14 kilometers north-east of Luxor, 3 kilometers from Egypt's Aswan agricultural road, and 10 kilometers away from Luxor International Airport. The city's current population is 39,000 citizens, he added.

Water, sewage and irrigation networks

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Water and Sanitation Company Mohammed Yahya said that a compact water plant with a capacity of 2,400 cubic meters per day has been implemented to feed the city, adding that other irrigation networks will be established in the coming period.

Furthermore, Yahya confirmed that a treatment plant with a capacity of 9,000 cubic meters per day has been implemented in two stages and is being developed to become a three-way treatment for water use.

He also added that the company has completed the implementation of sewage networks with a total capacity of 100.41 kg.

Road networks, telecommunications, and electricity in the new city of Tiba


As per roads and communications, Advisor to the Governor for Engineering Affairs and National Projects in Luxor governorate Asaad Mustafa said that road networks with a length of 128.21 km were implemented, explaining that communication networks and paving works were carried out.

Mustafa further revealed that a transformer terminal with a capacity of 50 MVA, and an electricity network of 750.74 km have also been implemented for lighting and distribution.

In the field of renewable energy and sustainable development, a solar power plant with a capacity of 90 KW has been set up on the highest building of the city of Tiba to produce electricity and light streets. This is in addition to the establishment of a 25 kW central station to illuminate the eastern desert road.

Education, health and sports projects in the city of Tiba



Head of the Development Authority of Tiba, Mostafa Said, said that educational projects have been implemented including the School of Excellence, the Nile International School, and the Social Housing School. This is in addition to the establishment of the faculties of medicine and pharmacy in the University of Luxor as well as a secondary school,allocated to the University of Luxor, and the Faculty of Humanities for Girls of Al-Azhar University.

"Commercial projects were executed, including a commercial building in the third residential district, another building in the first residential district and the commercial and administrative building on an area of 620 feddans," he added.

As for health projects, four health centers and the Orman Healing Cancer Hospital were established. Also, sports projects for the benefit of the people have been established with a total cost of about LE 46.5 million, such as the Social Club which was built on 13 acres.

Opportunities for investors and allocation of land and housing units for families

The city includes dozens of different opportunities for investors and residents, where the head of the Development Authority of Tiba said that they started allocating plots of land of various areas suitable for commercial, administrative and recreational activities.

He also said that 6912 residential housing units have been implemented for low-income citizens and land plots have been allocated for the establishment of some banks' braches.





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