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Egypt has the cheapest taxi fare

Thu, Jun. 13, 2019
CAIRO – 13 June 2019: An article that lists the most expensive and cheapest taxi fares in the world has said Egypt is the country with the cheapest taxi far.

“The country with the cheapest taxi fare is Egypt – a cost of just 0.84 euro, for a 5km taxi fare. In fact, the base fee for a taxi fare in Egypt is as low as 0.24 euro,” Travel Daily added.

“Egypt is followed closely by India (1.29 euros), Thailand (1.41 euros) and Indonesia (1.68 euros) in Southeast Asia.”

Meanwhile, in Malaysia (€1.70) and Mexico (1.80 euros) you can grab a 5km cab ride for under 2 euros.

To achieve the figures, Taxi2Airport analysed data* collated by The average taxi fare presented is relative to a 5km (3.1 miles) journey.

Taxi2Airport chose to focus on 5km because, faced with a journey of this length, hailing a cab is often a necessity – especially if you have luggage or kids to hand.
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