Temple of Luxor on July 18, 2016 – CC via Wikimedia Commons  Temple of Luxor on July 18, 2016 – CC via Wikimedia Commons

37 sculptors visit Luxor for Sculpture Symposium

Wed, Jan. 31, 2018
CAIRO – February 2018: Thirty-seven sculptors participating in Egypt’s International Sculpture Symposium 2018, which will be held in Hurghada from January 22 to February 22, will visit Luxor on Wednesday to have a closer look at Pharaonic temples.

The sculptors will also visit Cairo on February 13 to learn more about Egyptian cultures and traditions, as well as visiting the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx.

Egypt’s International Sculpture Symposium 2018 is the world’s largest symposium organized by Egyptian fine artist Mohamed Hemida with the participation of 29 fine artists from 22 foreign countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Iraq, Spain and Japan, and 8 artists from Egypt.

Walkway in Hurghada on July 25, 2008 – CC via Wikimedia Commons

This event comes as a part of the celebration of Red Sea National Day, which was hosted by the Egyptian International Sculpture Symposium under the patronage of Major General Ahmed Abdallah, governor of the Red Sea governorate, and businessman Kamel Abu Ali, chairman of the Red Sea Tourism Investment Association.

Red Sea Governor Ahmed Abdallah declared that he will award a prize for three artistic works exhibited at the symposium; every artist will label his name on the sculptured work and the best three will be awarded the prize.

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